REO-to-Rental Data Offering

REO-to-Rental Data Offering is a data and analytics offering that provides enhanced insight to investors participating in the new government-sponsored enterprise (GSE)/Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) REO-to-Rental program and other similar private programs.

REO to Rental Data provides potential investors with property-level information such as:

  • Average potential rent for the subject properties, based on relevant market information, including nearby multiple listing service (MLS) single family residence (SFR) rental data
  • Capitalization rate information by geographic area
  • Current value of the property through CoreLogic automated valuation models (AVMs)
  • Assessment of neighborhood and market trends
  • 24-month review of housing price trends
  • Cash-flow projections on similar properties

The analysis is delivered within 24 hours of bid tape receipt. CoreLogic will report average rental pricing based on completed rental agreements sourced directly from local MLSs, where available.  This will provide more accurate and timely data than listings typically “scraped” from Internet sites.  After a successful acquisition of REO property, CoreLogic can provide renter screening and occupant rental insurance data to help successful bidders manage properties more securely.

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