4506-T Direct

Fast, efficient, income verification directly from the IRS

Our 4506-T Direct service provides a simple, reliable way to validate applicant information, directly from the IRS. The result is an easy-to-read report with an actual IRS transcript that includes all schedules. 

  • Identifies false or inaccurate tax information
  • Searches up to four years of IRS-verified data on the borrower(s)
  • Calculates a comparison between the borrower-supplied 1040 data and IRS data
  • Reissue functionality allows lenders to re-access 4506-T Direct reports processed by brokers and correspondents, saving you time and money
  • Automated, real-time updates on order status
  • Ability to sign 4506-T documents electronically



Detailed, Comprehensive Results

While other income verification tools merely list the borrower’s adjusted gross income, 4506-T Direct lists eighteen totals from the 1040, including wages, business income or loss, other income and adjusted gross income. The report also calls attention to discrepancies between your borrower-supplied data and the IRS-verified information by identifying suspect data.

Ordering a 4506-T Direct

Due to our direct connection with the IRS, obtaining a CoreLogic 4506-T Direct is easy. If you include a copy of the first page of the borrower’s 1040 tax return for each year ordered, the report can include a comparison to data on file with the IRS, and identify any variations. This process helps identify altered tax returns and avoid fraud-related losses.

4506-T Direct also supports electronic signature from several different eSignature vendors, with new connections being added regularly.

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4506-T Direct Product Details

  • Verify income information going back up to four years
  • Supplies up to 18 distinct totals of tax return income data
  • Delivers an easy-to-read report with an actual IRS transcript that includes all schedules
  • Proactive management tracking system insures orders are completed as quickly as possible
  • Integrated on major Loan Origination Systems (LOS)
  • Electronic signature utilizing major eSignature vendors
  • Available in batch format
  • Helps you make more informed underwriting decisions, and minimize fraud risk
  • Supported by a dedicated team of customer care and technical support specialists
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