Automated Valuation Models (AVM)

CoreLogic®, a leading AVM provider, has been building property valuation and collateral risk management tools for more than 20 years and remains at the market forefront by continually refining our solutions. With CoreLogic, you leverage a global team of more than 50 PhDs, economists, modelers and residential appraisers who create AVMs that consistently deliver high level accuracy and hit rate.

  • CoreLogic is the chosen AVM provider of 18 of the top 20 U.S. mortgage lenders.
  • CoreLogic holds a patent on valuation modeling, with two patents pending on related protocols, including one for our nightly blind testing.
  • CoreLogic implements rigorous and comprehensive testing and monitoring to ensure continued integrity of AVMs

CoreLogic Uniquely Delivers High Performing AVMs

  • The largest property and ownership database covering 99 percent of U.S. properties - surpassing other top AVM providers.
  • Databases encompass more than 3.5 billion records, updated daily.
  • Continuous improvement and investment in R&D, data sources, and state-of-the-art modeling techniques



PASS™ combines two independent valuation systems coupled with continuous blind testing to deliver greater accuracy and fulfillment rate. Learn More >>

ValuePoint®4 (VP4)

ValuePoint4 offers a compilation of multiple valuation engines that work simultaneously. VP4 weighs, contrasts and compares each methodology’s result and makes a determination of which valuation methods the program believes is the strongest, based on the property type and geographic area. 
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Total Home Value for Portfolio Monitoring

Designed as a self-service, on-demand AVM, Total Home Value for Portfolio Monitoring gives mortgage lenders, insurers, servicers, and investors the ability to evaluate, understand, and manage the collateral value of mortgage portfolios more frequently, easily, and consistently.  
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GeoAVM® Suite

The GeoAVM cascade selects the most appropriate valuation model from a group of individual AVMs. The GeoAVM Suite derives its name from our geopreferencing sorting system, which analyzes the historical accuracy of each AVM in each location to determine an optimal cascade with impartial accuracy.
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GeoAVM Distressed™

GeoAVM Distressed represents the next generation of AVMs for REO properties and homes in delinquency and default. GeoAVM Distressed fine tunes results for distressed properties to deliver conservative, realistic, and reliable valuations. 
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Prospector meets the growing needs of customers who desire an automated valuation model (AVM) for direct marketing and other large-batch applications. 
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Designed for real estate agents and brokers, RealAVM delivers highly accurate valuations at lightning-fast speeds. RealAVM can combine data from your local MLS and our vast nationwide property database with the power of our patented AVM technology and our patent-pending nightly blind testing. Because RealAVM uses the same technology as our lender-tuned AVMs, it offers real estate professionals and their clients a preview of the values lenders are likely to see. 
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Home Value Explorer® (HVE®)

Freddie Mac’s popular AVM is widely accepted for its proven accuracy and high fulfillment rates. HVE also delivers nationwide coverage, drawing on the Freddie Mac loan file database to include nondisclosure states. As a leading provider of AVMs, Freddie Mac adheres to rigorous validation standards to ensure HVE maintains reliably accurate results.


OnSite delivers a comprehensive property condition report that combines an eyes-on-the-property inspection and an objective condition rating. Whether you need help to comply with the federal guidelines on AVM use or simply want to assess property condition before buying or underwriting, OnSite provides the right combination of simplicity, accuracy and affordability. With easy automated workflow integration, OnSite is a fast and cost-effective way to obtain the information that you require.  
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