Broker Price Opinions (BPO)

Carefully Designed Data-Validated BPOs

All CoreLogic® Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) come data-validated and pre-reviewed by an industry-leading review tool, like LoanSafe Appraisal Manager™ and an internal quality tool; which assigns sub-scores based on data integrity, market velocity, accuracy and other market indicators that combine to deliver an overall Risk Score.  

Our nationwide network of more than 12,000 brokers and agents deliver high-quality Data-Validated BPOs with the on-site review critical to verifying property information and assessing condition, while providing a faster, more affordable alternative to full appraisals. Because we’re a leading provider of AVMs, full appraisals and a number of hybrid valuation services, we understand the role BPOs play in the valuation lineup. We also know how to deliver the level of unbiased accuracy, speed and reliability you need to use BPO services with complete confidence.

When delivered with the objectivity, quality verification and controls in place, broker price opinions offer important benefits:

  • Ability to meet high-volume valuation needs quickly and affordably
  • Valuation accuracy for greater confidence in decision making
  • Appropriate disposition sales prices that eliminate missed opportunity losses

A data-validated approach saves our clients time, steps and cost and enables faster, “exception-based” processing of valuations used in modifications, short sales and liquidation decisions. 

Track It

In an effort to provide up-to-the-minute status, greater access and transparency for our clients, we have added an online tracking service to all BPOs orders. Clients will now be able to view the status of all of their CoreLogic Data-Validated BPO orders as well as digital versions of their completed BPOs and billing information via a secure, pool-driven website. At a client’s discretion, buyers, sellers and due diligence providers may also be granted limited access to BPOs that are offered as part of pool or portfolio transactions.


Data-Validated BPOs

Available in interior and exterior versions, our BPOs use rigorous quality and process controls, including:

Coverage: Ensuring nationwide coverage by recruiting, screening, training, managing, supporting and providing quality control of a nationwide panel that includes thousands of licensed real estate professionals.

Timeliness: Employing an automated order queue system that directs orders to the right resources the first time, ensuring accurate vendor order assignment. Our automated order tracking, monitoring, delivery and acceptance technologies enable us to receive and place orders in minutes so that we can provide fast turnaround times of five days for standard and three days for rush orders.

Scalability: Maintaining flexible, scalable, proven capacity to process large volumes with consistent success. Our proactive panel and client geographic trend analyses identify areas to increase coverage to meet forecasted volumes.

Affordability: Pricing our services competitively, with negotiated and tiered pricing available. We also offer multiple order receipt and delivery options to save time and data exchange costs.

Quality: Reviewing each BPO for accuracy before releasing it to our clients. Conducting monthly tests of value accuracy to disposition sales price. During these tests, we compare our BPO values to public sales price records or other client-specified benchmarks.


Preview - CoreLogic Data-Validated BPO

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  • Interior and exterior versions
  • 3-5 day turn time
  • Location map showing the proximity of the comparables to the subject property
  • Photographs available for subject property, address verification and neighborhood scene

Best-in-Class Broker Panel Management

High-quality valuations start with best-in-class vendor panel management. At CoreLogic®, we maintain uncompromising standards and broker panel management by including comprehensive vendor scorecard systems to continuously, objectively evaluate, score and reward quality performance. In addition, we:

  • Benchmark broker performance against an absolute national score and a comparative peer score in localized geographic areas.  
  •  Train panel members using our education curriculum, computer-based training (CBT) courses, and completion tracking to enhance performance and ensure compliance
  • Perform annual audits of all panel members' licensure and credentials

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