CoreLogic Real Estate Ad Network

The New Industry Standard for MLS Advertising Networks


We Designed The CoreLogic Real Estate Ad Network

A Solution You Can Trust

We designed our real estate ad network to overcome the shortcomings of other MLS ad networks—while providing the best-performing, smoothest functioning, most harmonious MLS user experience possible. The result, CoreLogic Real Estate Ad Network, combines:

  • Native Ad-Serving Integration with Your MLS Platform
    Unlike third-party, aftermarket ad programs, our ad network integrates seamlessly with your CoreLogic MLS system (Fusion, InnoVia®, Matrix™, MLXchange®, TEMPO®), increasing your revenue potential
  • Top Real Estate-Focused Ads, Appropriately Placed on Page
    Our ads are selected by the real estate industry’s leading ad network. All are top performers—B2B and B2C—sourced directly from advertisers and agencies, then contextually placed on your pages by professionals, to maximize revenue
  • Highest Security Standards
    The CoreLogic Real Estate Ad Network blocks distasteful ads, along with virus- or malware-infected ads
  • Blazing Fast Network Performance
    Our cloud-based unified network provides the speed, reliability, and flexibility to maintain consistently high MLS functionality and ad-serving performance
  • Direct Control of MLS Ads—Same MLS Account Manager
    Since our network is built into your MLS, you exercise the same control over ads as you do listings. If you ever need ad-related help, just call your MLS manager
  • Maximum Revenues Based on Actual Ad Performance
    Ad networks typically pay the MLS a percentage of their CPM ad revenues. But amounts can vary considerably depending on how they measure that revenue
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CoreLogic Real Estate Ad Network provides high-quality real estate-related advertising, driving revenue gains while preventing malware disruptions that can erode MLS performance and endanger consumers.










Control of Your Non-Dues Ad Revenue

CoreLogic Real Estate Ad Network supports and enhances your MLS mission. Our ads are from recognizably trustworthy national advertisers with specific appeal for real estate businesses and consumers. Their presence on your pages is technically native to your MLS platform—eliminating download delays. You have the same unencumbered control of them as you do your listings.


In Canada, the trademarks MLS®, Multiple Listing Services® and the associated logos are owned by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and identify the quality of services provided by real estate professionals who are members of CREA.

Our Ad Network Brands

Many third-party ad networks rely for inventory on discount remnant ad networks several generations removed from the original advertisers—ad clearinghouses where ad quality is a decidedly secondary consideration. Our network deals directly with advertisers and agencies.

The result is high ad quality from respected advertisers.

Is It Worth It? Decoding Ad Revenue

Revenue from ad networks is measured as a percentage of CPMs. CPM means Cost Per Thousand—the price of a thousand viewer impressions.

CPM can be a misleading measure, however, because it treats all ads as equally effective (they aren’t). eCPM—effective CPM—measures ad earnings per thousand viewer impressions. eCPM ad earning power determines the size of the revenue pie you get a slice of. If your slice is part of a $100,000 pie, it’s worth a lot more than the same-size slice of a $10,000 pie.

Due to our consistently larger eCPMs, CoreLogic Real Estate Ad Network ads can produce significantly more revenue for you than smaller third-party network eCPMs.

More Non-Dues Revenue—with Less Risk

Third-party ad-serving networks can jeopardize your MLS’s credibility with second-rate, poorly matched advertising and makeshift technologies that put your system’s performance at risk—undermining both the presentation and perceived quality of your service.

In place of this, our integrated real estate ad network offers:

  • Seamless operation with CoreLogic products and platforms
  • Blazing network speed, proven reliability and performance
  • Top real estate-related ads that enhance your pages
  • Automatic protection from viruses and malware
  • Same direct control over ads as over MLS content
  • Revenue based on actual ad performance (eCPM)
  • Support for both business and consumer advertising

CoreLogic Real Estate Ad Network creates stable, mission-supporting MLS advertising revenue while minimizing risk to your critical systems and customers’ satisfaction.


In Canada, the trademarks MLS®, Multiple Listing Services® and the associated logos are owned by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and identify the quality of services provided by real estate professionals who are members of CREA.

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