County Natural Hazard Data Sets

Natural Hazard and Parcel Data Solution for Counties

Introducing a hazard data, analytics, and parcel boundary bundle that will provide city and county officials a more accurate picture of potential hazard exposure in their region. Using advanced scientific models, this offering includes a full complement of natural hazard geospatial data, risk models, and advanced parcel boundary information that provides a comprehensive vulnerability analysis at the county level for an array of natural hazards, including floods, storm surge, hurricanes, wildfires, hail, earthquakes, sinkholes, tornadoes and other damaging wind storms.

Unlike historical data alone, the bundle offers a more precise analysis of the geographic and typographic attributes that can enhance or mitigate natural disasters, such as soil susceptibility to earthquakes, or flood risk based on water flow patterns, levees, coastal storm surge, land elevation and proximity to rivers.

This data bundle can also be an asset to project managers, civil engineers and county planners charged with approving new development, constructing critical infrastructure and monitoring wetlands and environmentally sensitive areas.

County Natural Hazard Datasets


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Reliable Natural Hazard and Parcel Information Improves Emergency Planning and Response

County emergency officials are often judged by how well they plan for and respond to citizens in emergency situations. The industry-leading natural hazard and parcel boundary data sets from CoreLogic can help identify those areas at most risk of various natural hazards. These data sets along with our parcel boundary and geocoding products are now priced at the county-level and can include any combination of the following:

  • ParcelPoint: Understanding the parcel boundaries significantly improves the accuracy of any location based solution.
  • PxPoint Geocoder: A high-precision geocoding and spatial analytics engine utilizing multiple data sources, including U.S. parcel boundary, to deliver accurate locations of properties nationwide.
  • Wildfire Risk: Score wildfire risk based on a property’s distance to high risk vegetation and the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI), without expensive on-site visits.
  • Flood Risk Score: This tool provides an advanced level of flood risk assessment on river line and coastal surge flooding.
  • Damaging Wind: Our damaging winds dataset provides an accurate risk score and frequency for the three major types of damaging winds—straight-line, hurricane, and tornado—as well as an aggregate score of all three.
  • Hurricane Storm Surge: We provide increased granularity by combining five data sets—coastal surge risk, hurricane propensity, coastal water feature, mainland determination, and elevation.

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