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Understanding Risk in Complex Securitizations 

Data Repository simultaneously analyzes multiple information resources affecting each loan in a portfolio. It measures the loans as properties, financial obligations, dynamically changing loan collateral values, possibly fraudulent transactions and component parts of securitized bonds. By viewing loans from multiple perspectives at once, Data Repository spots risks most programs miss, anchors them in a common time frame and simplifies assessment. This clarity can open up the most complex securitizations to timely, real-world evaluation, which is usually impossible when using multiple manually coordinated risk analytics.

The Real Uncertainty in Your Portfolio 

The housing price slump and associated declines in the subprime, alt-A and prime mortgage sectors have created unprecedented levels of volatility and investor fear at every step of the mortgage capitalization process. Specific anxiety-driving factors include:

  • Early payment default (EPD) levels
  • Relentlessly declining real estate market values
  • ARM resets continuing at high volume through 2011
  • Portfolio performance deficits that reveal poor quality surveillance
  • Compounding servicing challenges as distressed assets proliferate
  • Increasing prevalence and sophistication of loan and collateral fraud

Data Repository is designed to help MBS and ABS market participants tame current valuation uncertainties by including all performance-related data in value calculations, subjecting key variables to simultaneous analysis to minimize time-delay effects on result accuracy. 

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Multidimensional Data

CoreLogic Data Repository draws information from four industry-leading data resources to assemble a multidimensional view of mortgage risk.

CoreLogic Property Databases

This database contains the nation's most current and comprehensive real estate information. The database covers 97 percent of all U.S. real estate transactions.

LoanPerformance Securities Databases

The industry's largest and most comprehensive, the databases include loan-level data on more than $2.2 trillion in MBS and ABS securities (more than 90 percent of the market).

CoreLogic Collateral Fraud Databases

These premier collateral and fraud databases contain data relating to housing, borrowers, lenders and third-party agents (brokers and others who create loans).

LoanPerformance HPI Data

Where can you get the most current, most comprehensive housing price data? LoanPerformance HPI. It covers 7,646 zip codes, 958 CBSAs, and 676 counties in the U.S.

By combining specialized data on the growing variety of loan types, characteristics and borrowers with traditional real estate and mortgage data, Data Repository, with its four resources, creates a new multidimensional data type that enables unprecedented transparency.

Analytics Matching Need

CoreLogic Data Repository utilizes a suite of powerful analytics program components to assess loan characteristics, expose current values and project future performance, seamlessly employing, as needed, analytical functionalities from RiskModel, LoanSafe, CoreLogic HPI, ThirdParty Scorecard and CoreLogic AVMs. This multifunctional analytics capability enables originators, secondary marketers, investors and servicers to view and work with:

  • Actual Current Asset Values: By analyzing the latest data in multiple categories and levels of detail, Data Repository factors in often-overlooked value-affecting parameters, including geography, lien repayment position and buyer history.
  • Simplified Distressed Asset Disposition: No two distressed properties are the same. Data Repository identifies all factors influencing the distress, enabling accurate REO decisions, pricing, prioritization and timing, ultimately minimizing loss.
  • Equalized Analytic Detail for Buyside and Sellside: Differing levels of data currency and completeness often skew sellside/buyside negotiations. Data Repository provides all relevant transaction data to both sides, erasing any data advantage.
  • Undiscovered Arbitrage Opportunities: Current volatile mortgage-based markets, coupled with the complexity of derivatives, have provided hedge-fund and other arbitrageurs a unique opportunity—one enhanced by Data Repository’s deep, multidimensional asset data.
  • Detailed Loan-Level Granularity: Increasing the granularity of loan data increases its accuracy geometrically because each additional information grain modifies and redefines the others. Data Repository provides the maximum amount of useful loan granularity.
  • Unmatched Lead Generation:By combining detailed borrower demographic, real estate, geographic and mortgage data—not to mention income and fraud markers—Data Repository can produce unusually productive lists of likely loan prospects.
  • Fact-Based Analytics, Not Statistical Projections: Unlike risk performance projections derived from statistical analysis, which is only as accurate as the data and analyst behind it, Data Repository analyses use 100 percent real-world facts about loans, borrowers and the market.

By combining multidimensional data with multifunctional analytics in a single solution, Data Repository simplifies the search for real mortgage and asset value and overcomes the “too-much-complexity” factor inherent in modern industry reporting—complexity that often conspires to hide true loan, portfolio or bond value from even the most skilled risk managers.

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