Data Solutions

Data Solutions:
Power Your Decisions With Illuminating Data

See a 360° View of Property

What Differentiates Our Data

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Breadth and Depth

  • Comprehensive information from across the property eco-system
  • Over 50 years of historical data and experience building solutions
  • Rapid daily refresh
Closest to the Source

Closest to the Source

  • We collect data straight from thousands of diverse sources
  • Sources provide 5,000 types of unfiltered content
  • Multiple sources cross-validate data accuracy
Standardized and Consistent

Standardized and Consistent

  • 40+ proprietary algorithms provide consistency across 3,100+ counties
  • We layer on intelligence and sort into key categories
  • Computer auditing of records with human review of flagged records

Powering the Property Ecosystem


19 of the Top 20 Mortgage Lenders


7 of the Top 10 AMCs Leverage Our Platform


Servicing Data on 75% of U.S. Homes


Active Tenant/Landlord Records for 70% of the Rental Market


23 of the Top 25 Residential and Commercial Carriers


63% of all Real Estate Professionals

Power Your Property Insights.
Propel Your Business Decisions.

See your business in a whole new light. Capitalize on previously

unobserved opportunities. Make confident decisions based on

comprehensive information from across the entire property lifecycle.

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