FEMA Flood Maps

Our flood map provides community name, zone panel and panel date, flood zone code, and other pertinent information. You can get a flood map and flood zone determination simply by typing an address, owner name or APN.

Understand Your Exposure to Flood Risk

Flooding is the leading cause of property damage in the U.S. To accurately assess flood risk, our Basic Flood Data package incorporates three key data elements:

  • FEMA flood zone designation
  • Whether the property is within or outside a high-risk flood zone (Special Flood Hazard Area)
  • Straight-line proximity to nearest Special Flood Hazard Area

We start with the industry’s most comprehensive database of digital flood maps and related data, then continuously update the database to reflect FEMA’s most recent studies, Letters of Map Amendment and other changes. All data is also regularly reviewed and tested to maintain our stringent standards for data quality.


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