It’s like an automotive history report…but for homes!

If you’ve ever bought a history report when purchasing a pre-owned car, you know the importance of getting a complete picture before you buy. With over 200 pieces of information, Housefax® is the most comprehensive property history report available, providing valuable insights into building permits, natural hazards, transaction history, fire incidents, and much more. You wouldn’t buy a used car without knowing its history, so don’t let your client buy a house without Housefax!

Why Housefax?

Like an automotive history report, Housefax gives you and your clients the peace of mind that comes from seeing a property’s complete history—clearly laid out in a single report from a trusted and impartial source.

If a buyer is unsure about purchasing a property, Housefax can help them make the decision. For sellers, Housefax offers impartial disclosure, helping them sell their property faster. And providing Housefax reports to your clients demonstrates your integrity, establishing you as a trustworthy and knowledgeable professional. The more knowledge and insight you can provide, the more transparency and trust you bring to your client relationships.

HouseFax is powered by CoreLogic® as well as other data sources, Housefax is the property history report consumers know and trust. And it’s now available directly from your multiple listing organization.

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Housefax builds trust.

Buying a home is a life-changing decision that is often accompanied by anxiety and second-guessing. Great agents go the extra mile to help clients make the best possible decisions and make the decision process as easy as possible. That’s where Housefax comes in. Housefax gives your clients the additional confidence and peace of mind they need to feel good about making crucial purchasing decisions.

Housefax reveals practically every available fact about a property in an easy-to-read summary report. You can trust Housefax—which means your clients will trust you.

Housefax can help sell homes faster.

Like the car dealer offering an automotive history report, the seller’s agent uses Housefax to establish the credibility (and value) of the home they’re selling. Housefax is the third-party proof of the home’s reputation and the seller’s trustworthiness. Housefax relieves concerns about hidden deficiencies and speeds up the sale.

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Buying a home is no small thing.

We only do this a few times in life, so the stakes are high. Is the home safe? What’s happened here? Is there emergency help nearby? Is that addition permitted? Could there be lead-based paint? How about asbestos?

These are only a few questions going through your mind as you walk through a prospective home. Before spending the time and money on an expensive inspection, Housefax can help. When your agent hands you a Housefax report, the majority of your questions and concerns are answered in an instant.

And selling a home is no small thing either.

If you’re a seller, you want to make sure buyers fully appreciate the value of your home. Removing any possible concerns about the property is in your best interest, especially in competitive markets where you need that extra edge. That’s why your listing agent should give a Housefax report to every serious buyer who walks through your door. It inspires confidence. It’s proof positive that your house is rock solid and worth every penny being asked.

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You’ve learned why agents, homebuyers and home sellers love Housefax – now see for yourself.

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