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CoreLogic® Teletrack™ helps you easily verify consumer identity information provided as part of a credit application. Use SocialGuard from Teletrack to identify issued, invalid, or deceased Social Security numbers. This service evaluates the submitted Social Security number (SSN) to determine if the SSN has ever been issued by the Social Security Administration. We compare the number against a file of over 72 million records, which is continuously updated.

IDOptix Identity Verification

Leveraging vast data networks that seamlessly integrate billions of records across thousands of databases, IDOptix uses data that includes information about nearly all adults and households in the United States. The most critical data sources for driving the identity results include:

  • Files containing name, address, telephone and Social Security number (SSN) information
  • Property records and household demographic information
  • Catalog, direct marketing and online purchase histories

When you input the consumer information, IDOptix returns a numeric evaluation of the name, address, phone and SSN match criteria to indicate if there is a match, close match or no match. In addition to validating the information, the numeric code will help you answer questions like:

  • Does the person live at this address?
  • Does the SSN match the name?
  • Are the phone number and address valid?
  • Is the person reported as deceased?
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