LoanSafe Decision Manager

Leading Fraud Analytics Delivered with FCRA-Actionable Data

LoanSafe Decision Manager leverages the patented predictive analytics and scoring technology available exclusively in LoanSafe Fraud Manager – the industry’s number one fraud prevention solution – and delivers it with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant data to deliver a more powerful loan decisioning tool.  Loan Safe Decision Manager provides an added level of protection, allowing you to now extend or deny credit based on specific FCRA-compliant property, consumer and public record information contained in the report.

Sophisticated Fraud Prevention Technology

LoanSafe Decision Manager employs a patented fraud model that analyzes application content and compares these relationships with historical patterns of fraudulent and non-fraudulent activities allowing you to pinpoint fraud in seconds with unprecedented accuracy. Delivering our leading fraud detection tool together with a FCRA-compliant consumer report allows you to make fraud risk decisions on the application based on the data elements within the consumer report.

More Efficient and Profitable Loans

LoanSafe Decision Manager speeds up your decisioning processes. If the report uncovers a suspicious consumer report item, you can take prompt action against potentially fraudulent mortgage applicants, allowing you to keep your pipeline moving and your resources focused on loans with the greatest chance of success.

Powerful Fraud Scoring Models

LoanSafe Decision Manager utilizes the same predictive fraud score present in LoanSafe Fraud Manager, allowing you to set score-cutoff criteria for enhanced fraud review based on either the review rate or fraud detection rate. 

LoanSafe Decision Manager conveniently groups all FCRA-compliant information together, allowing you to easily identify the data elements you can use to make a credit based decision.

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