LoanSafe Risk Manager™ Suite

Market-Leading Data, Analytics and Scoring 

Residential mortgage fraud continues to evolve and escalate, requiring lenders, servicers and investors to adopt increasingly advanced detection and decision analytics. LoanSafe Risk Manager™ answers that need by combining our data, analytics and precision into two modules—LoanSafe Collateral Manager™ and LoanSafe Fraud Manager™ —that work in tandem to minimize collateral risk and maximize fraud detection.

LoanSafe Risk Manager combines three key advantages to deliver industry-best performance:

  • Data— We maintain the nation’s largest, most accurate proprietary and contributed property ownership and mortgage loan databases. Updated daily, our databases provide immediate access to the information you need to detect fraud and other risks.
  • Analytics—LoanSafe Risk Manager zeroes in on loan application or property anomalies by incorporating innovative econometric modeling of neighborhood level collateral risk with the patented predictive-analytic models.
  • Precision—Efficiently incorporating pattern-recognition and econometric scores dramatically reduces false positives, while catching significantly more fraud or collateral issues. Alerts, risk indicators and recommendations assure dynamic insight and confident decisioning.

The two-pronged solution addresses mortgage risk related to collateral valuation and mortgage fraud to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive risk management solution.

LoanSafe Risk Manager™ Suite includes LoanSafe Collateral Manager™and LoanSafe Fraud Manager™. Working in tandem, these solutions minimize collateral risk and maximize fraud detection—an unbeatable combination that reduces losses from early payment defaults and buybacks .

LoanSafe Fraud Manager™  

LoanSafe Fraud Manager uses patented predictive-analytics scoring technology to expose suspicious mortgage loans at the application stage, enabling you to quickly identify each loan’s fraud risk prior to funding. In addition, you can use LoanSafe Fraud Manager to analyze portfolios, enabling you to spot questionable loans and take proactive steps to prevent early payment defaults and buybacks.

The solution draws on the widest array of proprietary and consortium data, creating and applying fraud risk patterns based on historical patterns of fraudulent and legitimate loans to determine the likelihood a loan may result in a fraud-driven loss.

Using loan application and CoreLogic data, LoanSafe Fraud Manager enables you to detect fraud within seconds. Simply upload loan files via secure FTP and receive a near-instant fraud risk score. You also receive a comprehensive report on each loan detailing the risk scoring, along with top indicators and reasons, ranked from highest to lowest on a 999 to 1 scale.

LoanSafe Collateral Manager™  

The latest advance in automated collateral risk management, LoanSafe Collateral Manager analyzes property and neighborhood characteristics to determine the early payment default and loss severity risk of each mortgage. The proprietary risk management engine evaluates numerous elements, including multiple relationships and comparisons between property characteristics, pricing and appraisal attributes, geographic conditions, and other key collateral metrics. In addition, LoanSafe Collateral Manager references foreclosure and volatility models to deliver a clear risk picture.

The easy-to-learn solution provides colorful, at-a-glance graphic risk indicators, straightforward alerts with explanations and action steps customized to your policies. An intuitive dashboard displays alerts by type and severity for each issue uncovered, with hot links to the relevant report section.

LoanSafe Fraud Manager™ Features  

  • Built on the LoanSafe market-leading property risk, undisclosed debt and multi-lien platform
  • Employs patented pattern-recognition fraud analytics
  • Utilizes a consortium of 80 million loans to understand fraud characteristics
  • Uses sophisticated third-party monitoring, alerting operations to risky behavioral changes
  • Unbeaten in comparison tests—fraud scoring returns the highest fraud value with lowest number of reviews and false positives

LoanSafe Fraud Manager is the only mortgage industry solution that applies the analytic advancements credit card companies have used to reduce fraud losses by nearly 70 percent.

LoanSafe Collateral Manager™ Features 

  • Built on the CoreLogic innovative collateral risk model
  • Powered by the industry-leading automated valuation engine and CoreLogic HPI
  • Draws from the nation’s largest database of loan and homeownership information
  • Sophisticated scoring and alerts with detailed reports
  • Incorporates one-of-a-kind access to listing information, condo/hotel database, lien release data and more
  • Includes new risk indicators that provide lift to traditional credit risk models

Sophisticated risk scoring with supporting data and proprietary map technology enable you to streamline valuation, speed appraisal review and maximize resource utilization. As a hosted solution, LoanSafe Collateral Manager enables quick and thorough portfolio analysis and risk stratification through batch or XML uploads.


  • Provides effective preventive medicine against mortgage fraud and collateral risk
  • Delivers unbeaten performance when tested against other fraud detection solutions
  • Applies the analytic advancements credit card companies have used to reduce fraud losses by nearly 70 percent
  • Drives down early payment defaults, buybacks and fraud-related losses
  • Improves valuation accuracy and speeds appraisal reviews
  • Increases portfolio transparency by clarifying and stratifying risk
  • Makes learning easy through vibrant graphics, intuitive design and quick drill down to issue details
  • Delivers easy-to-grasp scores, alerts and suggested actions
  • Assists regulatory compliance

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