Match and Append Services

Whether you are looking to complete your files or append information and analytics for business analysis, Match and Append gives you instant access to accurate, complete and timely information. At CoreLogic, we provide access to the nation’s largest property and ownership database that is coupled with the country’s largest network of field researchers, delivering the most qualified, comprehensive information available on the market.

The Match and Append process fulfills multiple business needs that include acquisition marketing, customer retention, cross-sell initiatives, loan preparation, final document services, lien release and lien monitoring—all of which provide you with the key information you need to achieve your business objectives.

Improve Workflow Efficiency and Reduce Cost at All Levels

From customer acquisition through securitization, Match & Append provides streamlined work processes and cost saving solutions.

  • Streamline investor compliance
  • Obtain recording confirmation

Stay Ahead of Competition and Decrease Customer Attrition

Competition for customers is fierce, so it is vital to analyze competitive lending activity.

  • Evaluate what types of programs are being offered to your customer base
  • Develop proactive strategies to offset potential portfolio run-off
  • Examine lost leads to determine the reasons behind customer flight

Attract New Customers and Increase Cross-Sell Opportunities

Acquiring new customers is more costly than marketing to your existing customer base. Now you can save time and money on both fronts.

  • Evaluate market trends to pinpoint qualified prospects and refine marketing lists
  • Use analytics to model and score your list to identify customers likely to make mortgage transactions
  • Increase per-customer revenue and strengthen their loyalty by cross-selling additional products

Additional Benefits

  • Attain 100 percent file completion at an average savings of 50 percent
  • Use document retrieval services to reduce overhead cost
  • Receive alerts when new liens occur in your portfolio

Leverage the nation’s most comprehensive source of property and ownership information—covering 97 percent of real estate transactions in the U.S.

  • Receive critical real estate information, including tax assessor data, property characteristics, deed and mortgage history, document images, pre-foreclosure and foreclosure data and automated valuation models (AVMs)
  • Obtain a single request, or implement a recurring schedule

Service offerings include:

  • Lien release
  • Property owner FICO range validation
  • Final document services
  • Acquisition marketing lists
  • Estimated replacement cost values
  • Lien monitoring
  • Customer cross-sell intelligence
  • Predictive scoring models
  • Lost leads analysis
  • Legal and vesting
  • Address standardization and verification
  • Customer retention
  • Recording and/or owner confirmation

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