Origination Underwriting and Quality Control Outsourcing

In an ever-evolving mortgage industry, it is increasingly difficult to adjust for market fluctuations, new rules, regulations and government-sponsored programs. Lenders and servicers are seeking a strategic approach to loan processing that equalizes workflow based on demand and provides predictable cost parameters. Outsourced Rapid Deployment Teams (RDT) from CoreLogic® provides the scalability, security and operational excellence necessary to achieve these desired business goals. Add CoreLogic data and analytics tools and you have a combination that will advance your quality and processes.

It is anticipated that volume spikes in purchase-based loans will soon eclipse loan modifications and refinancing. Originations RDTs enable you to scale and shift resources as needed. In a highly expeditious timeframe, CoreLogic teams can be up and running to meet the specific job functions and roles needed within your organization. Our teams are highly trained industry veterans who specialize in originations/quality control and adapt to your production environment.

Benefits of Origination Underwriting QC Outsourced RDTs:

  • Ability to design and deploy situation-specific teams to right number of full-time employees (FTEs) for either pre-funding or post-closing QC
  • Eliminate hiring challenges and onsite space requirements
  • Scale or shift staff resources to meet evolving demands
  • Focus your staff on your customers while we manage QC
  • Mitigate budgetary guesswork with a fixed cost solution
  • Track and trend specific quality issues to create remediation plans
  • Leverage our depth and breadth of data tools to highlight loan integrity concerns

To maintain best practices in the loan processing framework while meeting the ebb and flow of volume as well as compliance challenges, turn to the Origination Underwriting QC Outsourced RDTs—a permanent yet flexible solution.

Operational Preservation

The need to stay current in our rapidly evolving marketplace is imperative. Yet, mortgage lenders who adjust their loan processes to meet new regulations are often faced with a market that moves faster than their efforts, nullifying them in the end. This waste of time, re-organizational effort and cost is both a drain on operations and morale. CoreLogic provides an effective solution that levels the playing field—Rapid Deployment Teams (RDT).

Market Flexibility

As an outsourced management function, RDTs can be fully system-integrated and up-to-speed, eliminating the need to expand and train your permanent workforce. When the market changes, you can shift on a dime since your RDT is never disconnected from company systems.  With this level of flexibility, you can optimize your RDT to fill in strategic and tactical gaps, effectively addressing workflow demands without impacting headcount or payroll.  

Rapid Deployment

CoreLogic provides RDTs comprised of seasoned industry professionals. Their deep wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the loan cycle enables rapid deployment, filling the void(s) within your organization seamlessly.

Financial Savings

Although there is a cost associated with RDTs, it is one that can be predicted versus the alternative—a reactive and potentially cost prohibitive response to market shifts. Outsourcing eliminates new hires, ramp-up training and onsite space challenges while alleviating budget overruns and the pressures associated with a volatile mortgage environment.

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