Origination Underwriting Pre-Funding & Post Closing Quality Control

Rely on the power of CoreLogic® data to manage pre-funding and post closing quality control.


Today’s regulatory environment demands due diligence on the part of lenders to have an objective quality control (QC) process in place—not just in post closing but also at pre-funding. By outsourcing these reviews to CoreLogic, your loans are in the hands of experienced industry experts who have the distinction of bringing institutional knowledge and in-depth fraud and risk understanding to every file. 

This data validated solution, is powered by the robust data of CoreLogic as well as industry leading valuations and fraud analytics. The automated fraud risk scoring system not only reduces the subjectivity but also the time associated with performing fraud risk determination and due diligence.  

Our Origination Underwriting Audit & QC team is trained in regulatory compliance and the Selling and Servicing Guides of Fannie Mae and other investors. We assess your mortgage loans to:

  • Identify loan deficiencies
  • Triage process gaps to maintain compliance
  • Detect fraud through prevention awareness
  • Provide detailed information to help you create actionable remediation plans
  • Classify severity levels & target defect rates

As loan origination quality reviews continue to receive more scrutiny, we can be a full time equivalent to your staff. Experience the quality control, efficiencies and timely turnarounds necessary to meet the demands of a growing market concern. 

Depend on Origination Underwriting Pre-funding and Post Closing QC from CoreLogic.

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