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Competing for qualified prospects requires a smart, targeted approach. Our Precision Marketing Solutions help you tighten targeted lists into razor-sharp conversion tools without resource-taxing and subjective selection. Through a two-step process that combines our vast data with our intelligent analytic tools, we can help you create laser-guided lists that increase response and close rates while lowering campaign costs.

Step 1: Generate Well-Targeted Prospect Lists

We begin by defining and merging your objectives with our vast data resources to generate a list of qualified prospects. Our unmatched property, homeownership, mortgage, credit, and public records database and list generation tools enable you to define accurate criteria to pinpoint potential new customers. In addition, we can match and append your existing customer list against our vast data resources to deliver greater insight into your customers’ broader profiles. The result of both processes is a list of prospects that qualify for your offer.

Step 2: Narrow Your Lists to Those in the Market to Buy

Our analytic solutions take the targeted lists generated in step one and refine them even further using our proprietary scoring, filtering and modeling applications to extract only the best prospects for a given campaign. We offer a number of analytic tools that enable you to determine which otherwise good prospects identified in step one are most likely to be in the market for the product or service you’re offering. Our analytic tools can tell you, for example, which prospects are most likely to refinance their mortgages or buy new homes. We can also apply behavioral analytics to information gathered from consumer credit reports, demographics, property reports and local real estate market conditions to help you understand borrowers’ debt servicing behavior. Tell us what you want to know and we’ll determine which data resources and analytic tools we can apply to deliver an incredibly precise list of qualified andmotivated prospects.

Find New Opportunities

Our list generation tools turn our vast databases covering 99.7 percent of the U.S. population into searchable, sortable resources that deliver well-qualified prospects. But instead of wasting marketing efforts and dollars reaching out to qualified but disinterested prospects, our Precision Marketing Solutions allow you to zero in on the prospects most likely to transact during the time of your offer.

Make the Most of Your Existing Customer List

Use our match and append data services to learn more about your existing customers in step one. Then apply our analytic tools to target your marketing efforts to your most likely buyers. Precision Marketing Solutions help prevent runoff by delivering offers to your customers before a competitor can lure them away with a well-timed offer.

Power Up Your Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re searching for new customers or cross selling to your existing customer base, Precision Marketing Solutions combine our data tools for generating qualified prospect lists with analytic tools that refine those lists. That two-step, data-plus-analytics approach delivers strong, lean campaigns that stretch your marketing dollars by boosting conversion rates and lowering campaign costs.

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  • Target marketing efforts to prospects who qualify and are most likely to respond
  • Reduce printing and mailing costs while improving response rates
  • Optimize customer acquisition and cross selling
  • Triage prospects before they enter the sales pipeline to reduce wasted effort and increase productivity
  • Strengthen collaboration between marketing and lending

Our Databases Include:

  • Property data covering more than 3,050 counties and growing
  • 143 million properties, 99.7% of the U.S.
  • 4.5 million property transactions per month
  • 3.5 billion document images
  • 500 million historical transactions
  • Borrower credit reports that move beyond traditional credit reports
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