Property Preservation Services

CoreLogic® Property Preservation and 
Maintenance Services

CoreLogic provides a full spectrum of investor/insurer-compliant property preservation and maintenance services to secure and protect your properties from weather damage, vandalism, neglect and other conditions that may negatively impact asset value until a final property disposition determination.

Leverage our Property Preservation Services to:

  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Reduce exposure to losses from vandalism, lawsuits and penalties
  • Help improve compliance with local regulations
  • Make faster, data-informed decisions
  • Bring your properties to sales-ready condition

CoreLogic Field Services are ideal when you need:

  • Timely securing of properties including:
    • Re-key to prevent unauthorized access
    • Make any necessary emergency repairs to prevent further damage
    • Perform and document all necessary eviction lockout assistance
  • Quick alerts regarding code violations and how to cure
  • Competitive estimates for damage repairs
  • Professional eviction services
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Secure/Protect Services

  • Continual monitoring of property status with dashboard and monthly reporting
  • Contact maintained with code enforcement offices to proactively monitor and correct violations issued or pending
  • Services performed to investor/insurer guidelines, or can be customized to meet your specifications
  • Knowledgeable specialists in HUD regulations who understand local variations and regional requirements. They build relationships with the contractor base supporting a given geographic area, which increases communication, productivity, and compliance

Options include:

  • Re-keying and securing openings on abandoned, vacant or foreclosed property
  • Necessary eviction lockouts and removal of personal property
  • Debris removal Initial
  • Lawn and yard services
  • Initial cleaning and janitorial services
  • Winterization
  • Pool maintenance
  • Vacant property registration

Post-Foreclosure Services

CoreLogic offers a selection of packages that will place your properties in sales-ready condition.

The array of flat fee packages and a la carte services include, but are not limited to:

  • Re-key, as requested
  • Install/replace lockboxes
  • Secure all unsecured openings, as needed
  • Remove interior and exterior debris
  • Yard maintenance
  • Remove abandoned vehicle, if applicable
  • Perform janitorial service
  • Exterior graffiti removal
  • Winterization services
  • Pool securing and covering, as requested
  • Snow removal services, as requested
  • Property listing verification report
  • Before and after photos of all services

Rehabilitation (Rehab) Services

Foreclosure properties may require additional services to bring them to sales-ready condition. CoreLogic works closely with you and the designated local listing real estate agent and provides:

  • Repair services as well as a full-spectrum of property rehabilitation services
  • All rehab services performed using market-competitive materials and improvements utilizing licensed and insured contractors
  • Unbiased third-party service, limiting your exposure

Additional Field Services

Municipality Reports

Upon request, CoreLogic contacts designated local officials to obtain documentation for cases of fire, theft, vandalism, or other events at the property warranting a report.

FHA Mailer Program

Postcard is mailed to the property to be returned by the occupant:

  • Requests property inspection to verify occupancy status
  • Provides proof of contact attempt, allowing you to obtain HUD reimbursement on completed inspection if mailer is not returned

Rush Services

Rush services are available for most inspection and property preservation work requests at an additional cost.

Natural Disaster Notification Program

CoreLogic works closely with FEMA whenever a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, or flood strikes a particular region and provides:

  • First-hand look at your defaulted properties in any disaster area
  • Our system notifies us immediately if any properties in the affected areas have had inspections within the last 90 days

You can request an additional inspection to assess any damage with repair cost estimates provided.

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Please forward your information to and we will place your information on file for future consideration. We appreciate your interest in CoreLogic Field Services.

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