TaxWatch for VendorScape

With the overwhelming caseloads firms now face, there is an immediate need for more streamlined case management and the ability to further compress timelines. Employee time spent searching for property tax information translates into lost revenue and the possibility of missed deadlines and subsequent penalties. Further, valuable employee productivity is lost re-keying tax data and introduces greater probability of errors.

To help attorneys manage their rising caseloads, TaxWatch® is now available with one-touch access through VendorScape, our powerful case management platform. With one click, attorneys can now access the property tax data they need from a fast, convenient, centralized platform.

Updated regularly to include recent payments and new delinquencies, TaxWatch covers over 137 million tax parcels and more than 25 million delinquent tax and tax sale records. Through our advanced technology platform, TaxWatch provides the data you need right at your fingertips.

How It Works

  1. TaxWatch is easily accessible through a single mouse click and the only data required is the property situs address.
  2. Once entered, the property address is standardized to enable the highest level of matching to CoreLogic databases. The TaxWatch review process then locates the corresponding taxing authorities and tax identification numbers which are then processed against our delinquent tax database. 
  3. Results identify properties with delinquent taxes and/or a tax sale indicator as well as loans with taxes paid current and items not found in our database.

A Tax Redemption statement can be ordered for items not found through the database match process or for loans found with delinquent taxes requiring an updated payoff amount. This statement contains all applicable property tax data for each parcel searched such as:

  • Situs (property) address
  • Owner’s identity
  • Current and delinquent tax information
  • Redemption fees
  • Taxing authority information
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Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy access to one of the industry’s largest property tax databases covering more than 137 million parcels
  • Single source for property tax payment status to speed the analysis and decision making process during foreclosure case management
  • Solid agency relationships with national coverage and primary data feeds from nationwide tax authorities
  • Primary data feeds from nationwide tax authorities
  • Individual inquiries as well as complete loan portfolio process through a one-time or periodic match with as little information as property address
  • Tight integration with CoreLogic Loss Mitigation technology
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