Get Automated Access to Tax Status of Loans 

Delinquent Property Tax and Real Estate Tax Sales Information

From individual loans to portfolios of loans, TaxWatch® helps mitigate the risk associated with home equity loans and loans in default or foreclosure. Our database of more than 141 million parcels includes more than 25 million delinquent tax and tax sales records.

With TaxWatch, You'll Get Better Visibility into the Tax Status of Your Loans,

in the Format You Want


  • Flexible access options enable you to obtain data via a one-time periodic match, batch process or interactive query through our web portal—using no more than the property address. 
  • You receive a report or file that identifies properties found with delinquent taxes and/or tax sale indicators, as well as loans with taxes paid current and items not found on our database.
  • For items not found through the TaxWatch database match process or for loans found with delinquent taxes requiring an updated pay-off amount, you can order a tax redemption statement.
  • A tax redemption document contains all applicable property tax data for each parcel searched such as situs (property) address, owner, current and delinquent tax information, and taxing authority information.

Key Benefits

  • Track loans in first lien position on a periodic basis
  • Track second liens that may have moved into a first lien position
  • Review the status of real estate property taxes on loans moving into default
  • Review portfolio for sales and acquisitions
  • Generate leads for second and reverse mortgages
  • Anticipate default through predictive tools

Reports Include

  • Items identified as potential tax sales
  • Items identified with tax delinquency
  • Items paid current
  • Items where no data was available
  • Summary report on overall results

Data Required

  • Street number
  • Street address
  • City
  • State

Tax Redemptions

Redemption responses include the following:

  • Data you provided to process the order
  • Taxing authority name, address, telephone number, bill frequency and delinquency date
  • Tax identification number(s)
  • Tax year
  • Bill description, if known (regular tax bill, fee, special assessment)
  • Status – due, delinquent or paid
  • Delinquent tax years
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