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Analyze, evaluate, benchmark, report securities portfolios, using web-based business intelligence tools and access to the largest loan-level securities database.

Data Types: 

  • MBS (non-agency prime jumbo securities)
  • Alt-A (securities with alternative underwriting standards)
  • BC (subprime, nonprime, reperforming, scratch-and-dent, etc.)

Evaluate mortgage portfolio performance, analyze delinquency, prepayment, and default risk, benchmark against markets, using web-based tools and largest mortgage databases.

Data Types: 

  • Prime (1st lien mortgages from lenders and agencies)
  • Subprime (1st and junior lien mortgages from lenders)

Evaluate portfolio performance for both open- and closed-end home equity loans, analyze delinquency and default risk, benchmark against markets, using web-based business intelligence tools.

Data Type: 

  • HELOC/Seconds (More than 8 million HELOC and second liens from the nation's top HELOC/Seconds Lenders)

Identify, monitor and analyze real estate market risks and opportunities using a comprehensive Real Estate Analytics Suite. A solution that addresses the growing needs of clients that require greater efficiency and flexibility when making Real Estate Market decisions.

Data Types*:

  • HPI
  • HPI Forecast
  • Market Trends
  • Value Trends

*Data Types are available by subscription.

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