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When “Close Enough” Isn’t Good Enough

If locational accuracy is key to your success, then starting at the right point on the earth is critical when it comes to geographic information system (GIS) data. One thing that sets CoreLogic® apart is the precision of our geocoding. Instrumental in developing the first national address geocoder, CoreLogic has again revolutionized the geospatial industry with PxPoint™, our next-generation structure and parcel-level geocoding engine that provides exceptionally accurate results.

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Locations That Aren’t a Best Guess

Unlike other geocoding engines that produce “best guess” determinations, PxPoint uses multiple data sources to convert physical addresses or locations into precise geographic coordinates. It integrates advancements in data quality including street geometry information, street-segment attribution, postal delivery locations individual property parcels and the structure footprints on those parcels, enabling you to:

Identify points inside or near the property

Establish distance to coastline, river(s) or other natural hazard areas

Spatially compute features like point, line and polygon

Product Features

PxPoint serves as the foundation of our “Complete. Current. Connected.®” data. It’s the engine behind with the most extensive U.S. parcel boundary database and a growing database of structure footprints and a growing database of structure footprints that our GIS professionals are updating on a quarterly basis.

PxPoint Support Features Include:

  • Post code centroids, city centroids and intersections
  • Address standardization
  • Distance-to-nearest
  • Any map feature type: point, line, polygon
  • Multiple data sets including U.S. parcel boundaries and ordinance survey, premium street data and client shapefiles
  • Open architecture that seamlessly integrates
  • Easy to use API

Choose the Delivery Option That’s Best for You

Integrate PxPoint Behind Your Company's Firewall

  • Hardware: 90 GB of disk space, 4GB of RM recommended
  • PxPoint is a native C++ library supported on both Linux and Windows x 86-64 (64-bit) versions

Access the Power of PxPoint Over the Web

  • Simple requirements

PxPoint via QGIS Plugin

  • Provides the ability to geocode via PxPoint and display PxPoint layers within the QGIS Program

Our Consulting Services team of leading GIS scientists, insurance professionals and senior professional software developers collaborate to craft end-to-end solutions that can be easily deployed and sustained in-house or via the web.