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Our Commitment to Inclusion

CoreLogic is dedicated to attracting and retaining the best talent – bringing together men and women from many countries, cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, generations, abilities, and backgrounds, including military veterans – as a CoreLogic community.

Unique Viewpoints

At CoreLogic, we believe that encouraging employees to bring varied perspectives to the workplace sparks innovation, increases market agility and strengthens our company's culture. This enriches the CoreLogic environment and builds upon our values of mutual trust and respect.

2020 Women on Boards Recognized Company

With more than 20 percent of our board seats held by women, CoreLogic is proud to be recognized by the national 2020 Women on Boards campaign as a "W" Company. We believe that eliminating glass ceilings provides opportunities and incentives to unlock the full potential of our diverse workforce.

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Supporting Diversity Through Action

While our commitment to inclusion is a principle that guides decisions, ensuring that diversity flourishes throughout the company requires action through programs that include:

Maintaining management accountability and focus on diversity, formalized through our Enterprise Diversity Advisory Council

Developing key talent through our leadership and management development programs, projects and role expansion

Recruiting top talent by participating in conferences and job fairs that reach across the broad and varied candidate spectrum

Educating employees at all levels on our diversity principles, practices, and policies

Establishing and supporting inclusive employee resource groups that enable our employees to come together to share and promote viewpoints; including Pride, NextGen, Veterans and the Women's Business Council

Encouraging and supporting mentoring opportunities

Diverse Suppliers

We believe that having a diverse supplier base helps us better understand and anticipate the needs of those we serve. Supporting supplier diversity gives us a competitive advantage through access to a broader range of skills, services and solutions while providing economic support to nearby communities.

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