U.S. Housing Policy Outlook: September 2018

What Could Lawmakers Still Accomplish in the 115th Congress?

By Stuart Pratt Housing Policy, Real Estate

Global Head of Public Policy & Industry Relations Stuart Pratt answers a few questions about the final months of the 115th Congress. Although the National Flood Insurance Program was extended in July, reauthorization may still occur. Additionally, there are still some key housing-related agency appointments to be considered. Here are the questions that Stuart answers in this video-blog post.

  • On July 31st Congress passed a down-to-the-wire reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program. With this, are we done for the year?
  • It is almost the end of the year; doesn’t the Senate have some key housing-related agency appointments still in the pipeline?
  • It is not, yet, on the Senate’s list, but what about the retirement of FHFA Director Mel Watt? What are the next steps after he retires?

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