Home Price Index Audio Clip: December 2018

By Molly Boesel Housing Affordability, Real Estate

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The CoreLogic HPI full year 2018 numbers are in, and they show solid appreciation for the year overall with price increases much stronger in the first half of the year. Home prices increased 5.8 percent for the full year 2018 compared with the full year 2017. While this is slightly lower than the full year 2017 appreciation of 5.9 percent, appreciation for the first half of 2018 came in at 6.4 percent, but slowed to 5.2 percent for the second half of 2018. Taking this down to the state level, Nevada came out on top with full year 2018 appreciation of 12.3 percent. Idaho and Washington state also made good showings, with increases of 11.8 percent and 10 percent respectively. Looking ahead, appreciation will continue to slow this year. Full year 2019 appreciation is expected to be 3.4 percent.

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