EPIQ 2019 Day Two Will Bring Together Industry Leaders

Experts Will Reveal Their Key Insights
in Enlightening Discussions

By Wade Sands Innovation, Real Estate

EPIQ has served as a platform for the leading voices of the housing industry to share their valuable perspectives over the past 30 years. This year, EPIQ 2019 will deliver an array of unique voices to discuss the most pressing issues facing the market. The second full day of the conference will feature engaging discussion panels designed to delve deeply into these topics and help attendees better prepare for the future.

Enlightening Discussions Between Trendsetters

EPIQ panels on day two will include a fascinating look into trends and imperatives in secondary market execution. With execution paths in the asset sales environment arguably at their highest levels since the financial crisis in 2008, mortgage originators need to capitalize to optimize their profit margins. Our panel of experts will discuss how to be successful in the secondary market. Eric Kaplan of the Milken Institute, Roelof Slump of Fitch Ratings, Matthew Tomiak of Redwood Trust, and financial expert Andrew Rippert will meet onstage for this illuminating discussion.

Our other panel discussions will look into the future to see how new innovations are changing the face of the industry. In “Home of the Future,” we’ll examine how homes will harness new technology, building materials and construction techniques to meet the diverse needs of different generations. We’ll also discuss advances in imagery extraction in “Imagery to Insights: How Machine Learning Can Enrich Property Details Through the Use of Imagery.”

Hear Directly From the GSEs

Government-sponsored enterprises play a major role in the housing market, so it’s vital for professionals throughout the ecosystem to get their perspective on the future. EPIQ attendees will get a chance to hear firsthand from Christina Boyle, chief client officer of Freddie Mac, and Desmond Smith, senior vice president and chief customer officer of Fannie Mae, as they share their thoughts on a wide range of issues, from affordable housing to digital mortgages to credit spectrums in a down market and more.

EPIQ 2019 begins on July 28 at the Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, California. Visit our event page to learn more information and get further details as they develop.

EPIQ 2019

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