The 10 Most Popular Insights of 2019

Mortgage Delinquencies, The QM Patch and House Flipping Drove 2019 Readership

By Molly Boesel Consumer Behavior, Real Estate

The year is nearly over and that means it’s time to review which topics caught our readers’ attention. We’ve crunched the numbers and discovered that industry professionals have been most interested in mortgage credit performance this year.

The most-read blog article for 2019 discussed decreases in serious delinquency rates and the differences in delinquencies for conventional, FHA and VA loans. The Qualified Mortgage (QM) patch was also of interest to readers, with a blog on the characteristics of QM loans taking the second spot on the top ten list and details on the coming QM patch expiration showing up at number four. Readers were also interested in house flipping, investor home buying and home values.

See the full list below to revisit the most popular topics of 2019 – and catch up on any insights you might have missed:

  1. Mortgage Delinquency Rates for All Loan Types Continue to Fall
  2. Characteristics of Today’s Non-Qualified Mortgages
  3. Special Report: House Flipping and Profits
  4. Expiration of the CFPB’s Qualified Mortgage “GSE Patch”
  5. Special Report: Investor Home Buying
  6. January Marks Seven Years of Annual Home Price Appreciation
  7. Consumer Credit Delinquencies Up, Mortgage Delinquencies Down
  8. Top Housing Markets of 2019
  9. Housing Recessions and Recoveries
  10.  Explaining to Homeowners Reconstruction Costs Versus Other Valuations

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