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June 2017 Archives

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Floods: Oh, My!

Congress Advances Legislation to Reauthorize FEMA

Russell McIntyre    |    Housing Policy


“Since 1989, the Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA] alone has obligated almost $200 billion for over 1300 major presidentially declared disasters,” stated Representative Lou Barletta (R-PA-11) during a recent committee markup session, as he introduced ...

U.S. Housing Policy Outlook: June 2017

Appraisal Industry Reform in Washington, D.C.

Stuart Pratt    |    Videos


As the 115th Congress continues to debate a wide range of fiscal and public policy priorities this summer, the issue of housing finance reform at large remains on the congressional to-do list. Part of that reform includes examining the future state of the appraisal industry. Of course, at CoreLogic, we care deeply about any reforms in this space because we are proud...

Ready for the 2017 Hurricane Season?

June, Too Soon…

Susan Williams    |    Insurance


*Tom Larsen co-authored this blog.

You may be familiar with the old hurricane season mnemonic;

  • June – Too Soon (first month)
  • July – Standby (for any news of a storm)
  • August – You must (prepare in case a storm comes)
  • September – Remember (to standby)
  • October – It’s...

Escrow vs. Non-Escrow Mortgages: The Trend is Clear

Escrow accounts increasingly more popular among Borrowers and Lenders

Dominique Lalisse    |    Housing Trends


For the past several years there has been a strong push in the mortgage servicing industry to move borrowers to mortgage escrow accounts. A recent analysis by CoreLogic shows that currently almost 80 percent of all borrowers are paying their taxes (and insurance) through escrow accounts. This represents an increase of 900 basis points in the rate over the past six years.


Housing Credit Index: First Quarter 2017

Loans Originated in the First Quarter Exhibit Slightly Higher Credit Risk Compared to the Previous Year

Archana Pradhan    |    Mortgage Performance

  • CoreLogic’s Housing Credit Index (HCI) found mortgage loans originated during Q1 2017 exhibit slightly higher credit risk compared with the previous year but remained similar to early 2000s.
  • The average credit score for homebuyers increased 7 points between Q1 2016 and Q1 2017, rising from 734 to 741.
  • The average loan-to-value...