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Introducing an innovative way to complete valuations with Total Home ValueX. Unmatched accuracy and reliability that provides you assessments even faster. Make better business decisions with confidence.

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Innovative intelligence

  • Our nimble, cloud-based model architecture supports integration of recent market trends and data.
  • With our proprietary and sophisticated monitoring capabilities, we’re able to quickly identify many performance concerns.
HVX Valuations

Instant, highly accurate valuations on more properties

  • Our market-leading AVM (Automated Valuation Model) delivers a high level of accuracy and hit-rate, including for hard-to-value properties.
  • A single-model AVM methodology can be leveraged throughout the entire loan lifecycle, delivering consistent valuations across multiple use cases.
  • More effectively manage your portfolio risk through a balanced approach for any risk-based use case (referenced below).

The only AVM you need

  • A single model methodology with flexibility to support mortgage, real estate, ReTech, FinTech, PropTech, government, insurance, and consumers.
  • Whether you’re looking to reduce cost and risk, making on-the-spot offers to buy properties, or quickly reconciling market value with a replacement cost, Total Home ValueX can help you make business decisions faster.

Impact of climate change on property values – what’s the relationship?

Did you know that Total Home ValueX can help better assess valuations in areas at higher risk of wildfires due to the effects of climate change?
At CoreLogic, we have a team of hazard and risk specialists that is constantly researching and analyzing statistics and applying their observations to our AVM models to provide insights you won’t find anywhere else.

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