LoanSafe, the gold standard of fraud risk detection


Fueled by the only mortgage fraud consortium with over 100 million loan applications, patented recognition models with known fraud outcomes, and CoreLogic’s vast repository of property data, our LoanSafe solution is the gold standard of fraud risk detection tools. Data from CoreLogic’s Fraud Consortium helps generate predictive fraud models, develop industry and lender-level benchmarking standards, and identify common fraud characteristics and scheme adaptations.

Corelogic surveyed LoanSafe users to gauge how well the product suite helps them pinpoint loans with the highest risk of fraud

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agreed that LoanSafe helps them identify which loans have the highest fraud risk
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said LoanSafe saves them time when conducting loan reviews

Optimize your resources to locate fraud

Delivering valuable resources

  • Predictive scoring and highly effective validated fraud alerts through robust data analytics.
  • Unique insights to help benchmark against your peers with historical, pooled member data from
  • CoreLogic’s Fraud Consortium.
  • Easily review, collaborate with your peers, and clear alerts.
  • Screen more than 75,000 third-party players to identify potential closing or wire fraud risks.
  • Scan third-party players against multiple government watchlists.

Automatic, multi-faceted risk detection

  • Income falsification
  • Identity fraud / theft
  • Employment inconsistencies
  • Owner occupancy
  • Undisclosed debt
  • Straw borrowers
  • Valuation risk / property flipping
  • Third-party certification
LoanSafe Alerts

Track and clear alerts

  • LoanSafe Connect™ is an intuitive, web-based review platform that’s easy to use.
  • Access real-time audit trails and alert summaries for all actions taken.
  • Action reporting helps quality control processes, and our predictive fraud scoring can help focus review resources on loans that are more likely to contain fraud.

Combat fraud more efficiently

CoreLogic’s years of experience in analyzing fraud patterns allows us to provide predictive, analytic-based scores that you can use to categorize loans based on the relative likelihood fraud was involved in the application process. For example, in a group of loans analyzed using our powerful detection tools, approximately 60% of those involving fraud will be scored in the top 10%. Our access to vast, high-quality data makes it possible for us to deliver predictive insights like this — which can help you keep your resources focused and effective.

LoanSafe Spot Alert

Spotting more risks with a macro view

LoanSafe Explorer™ analyzes your entire portfolio for fraud schemes that may be missed in a loan-level review. This add-on service provides continuous monitoring that proactively identifies emerging patterns that can help you reduce the risk of large losses and unsalable loans.

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