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Erin Waldo’s Recipe for Engagement

Erin Waldo is widely known around the offices in Austin, Texas, as a knowledgeable veteran at CoreLogic Flood Services, where she’s served in Operations for

Delivering Data Faster Than Ever

When clients need data, they need it now. Delivering reliable data quickly requires the best technology currently available. CoreLogic draws our data from hundreds of

Design – It’s Everyone’s Job

Design is a word with many meanings in the software development industry. From user-experience design, where the focus is on designing products for ease of

Maximize the Value of Data

At CoreLogic, we have a long history of applying artificial intelligence and data analytics to our data to derive predictive products and solutions for our

From Battlefield to Boardroom

Infantry officers are responsible for preparing their troops for combat. They decide how to plan, use and deploy weapon systems, patrols, orders and intelligence to