CoreLogic Helps Carry the Load for Veterans

Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes

Over the Memorial Day holiday, CoreLogic employees participated in the Dallas Memorial March, the flagship annual event of the nonprofit organization Carry the Load. The two-day march raises awareness and funds for members of our nation’s military as well as veterans, first responders and their families.

Founded in 2011 by two veteran Navy SEALs in Texas, Carry the Load promotes a yearly calendar of events dedicated to three major objectives:

  • Fundraising: Distributing donations to non-profit partners who provide health care to needy veterans, treating their minds, bodies and souls
  • Awareness: Honoring, remembering and celebrating those who sacrifice for our safety and freedom
  • Education: Inspiring patriotism in our youth

Since its inception, the organization has marched through 19 states, held rallies in 50 cities and raised more than $21 million for their Continuum of Care program.

Carry the Load Memorial March

The event began on Sunday in Dallas’ Reverchon Park and featured live music, inspirational speeches, stories of fallen heroes, flag ceremonies and other poignant presentations. The march commenced at 4:30 p.m. and ranged through the city of Dallas. Participants carried signs of support as well as pictures and memories of veterans to help honor their sacrifices. Many marchers camped overnight in the park to participate in the closing ceremonies on Memorial Day.

More than 30 CoreLogic employees attended the event. CoreLogic placed 9th out of 506 teams in fundraising, and together we raised more than $18,000. This includes donations from families and friends as well as a $2,500 corporate donation from CoreLogic.

Employee Perspectives

Sean Slattery is part of the CoreLogic LeaP program for junior military officers transitioning into civilian leadership positions. He took a leading role in organizing the CoreLogic team’s participation in the event, saying, “It has been an honor and a privilege to coordinate the Carry the Load Memorial March for the CoreLogic Team. This will be the first Memorial Day in quite some time that I was not an active-duty Marine and wanted a way to give back to those I once served and those who are no longer with us. I was enthusiastic at the opportunity to join my co-workers at an event like this and see what lasting impressions those who have made the ultimate sacrifice truly have on the community.”

Barry Sando, managing director, underwriting and workflow solutions, also contributed to the event. He said, “It was an honor to march alongside our CoreLogic team this weekend and celebrate our nation’s heroes. Carry the Load offered us an opportunity to pay respect to the brave men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice and to support veterans and first responders. I’m proud of the commitment CoreLogic has made to our military community. Thank you for the CoreLogic sponsorship and all the associates who generously contributed. We carried the CoreLogic flag proudly.”

For more information about our support for our men and women in uniform, visit our Military Veterans page.