Discover the Delivering Excellence Certification Program through Aspire

Aspire’s Delivering Excellence Certification Program offers employees an opportunity to learn skills through virtual/classroom training, online learning and on the job application.

Certified Delivering ExcellenceCoreLogic is committed to a culture of learning and to inspire our employees to develop their talent whether they aspire to deepen their skillset in their current role or prepare to take on their next role.

Through Aspire, CoreLogic’s learning community, employees have access to a variety of best in class learning content from prestigious providers such as LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and the Center for Creative Leadership as well as live workshops hosted by our own leaders.

We also offer a CoreLogic Certification Program to offer employees an opportunity to get certified in up to four topic areas including communications, collaboration, delivering excellence and personal impact.

Aspire’s Delivering Excellence Certification Program offers employees an opportunity to learn skills through virtual/classroom training, online learning and on the job application. Employees who complete the 12-credit hour program receive a certificate, a watermark for their email signature, and can display the certification on their resume and LinkedIn profile.

Brian WeberWe spoke with Brian Weber, Professional, Escalation Management, about his experience as the first person to complete the Delivering Excellence Certification Program.

Why did you decide to complete this certification?

I wanted to better myself and become an even greater asset to the Research team (Staff Augmentation). I chose this certification specifically because it aligns with my personal values of taking ownership over tasks and having high standards for myself.

When I compared this certification to other certifications offered through Aspire, I was drawn to the variety of the training modules—which include topics like time management and taking initiative.

What was your biggest takeaway?

My biggest takeaways were from the Lean Six Sigma instructor-led workshops. The exposure to PivotTables in Microsoft Excel to assess productivity and efficiency of teams was eye opening. These Lean Six Sigma trainings were more technical, while other learnings were more geared towards developing soft skills.

What advice would you give to your teammates about this certification?

This certification enhanced my personal productivity and critical thinking skills. The time management courses taught me how to budget my time—both professionally and personally—in a more productive way.

This certification, as with the other certifications, provided recommended LinkedIn Learning courses to complete module two of the certification. If you want to set yourself apart and present yourself as a competitive asset for CoreLogic, I highly recommend completing the Delivering Excellence certification!

Tell us about your overall experience in completing the certification.

The completion of the certification was smooth and easy. CoreLogic provides a tracker document for each certification so the employee knows exactly what is expected during each of the five modules.

Some modules take longer than others because they involve the completion of LinkedIn Learning courses online and/or TED Talks. I enjoyed module three which prompts the employee to critically think about their on-the-job execution of the material they learned. In modules four and five, you review what you learned throughout the process with your manager, which was an excellent way to wrap up the certification process.  

In total, the certification took me eight hours to complete—including of all the online courses, instructor-led workshops and review with my manager.

How has your knowledge or skills improved by taking this certification?

This certification has improved my knowledge and ability to see the big picture, which is crucial in my new role as I understand and prioritize the needs of our clients and homeowners.

With what I learned from the Lean Six Sigma training sessions, I can communicate with multiple departments to quickly resolve clients and/or homeowner concerns.

Thanks to the skills I learned throughout the modules of this certification, I bring value for our clients by creative problem solving and critical thinking.