Celebrating Black History Month

At CoreLogic, celebrating Black History Month is an important part of honoring our African American team members and colleagues, as well as commemorating the significant contributions of African Americans throughout history. Our observance of Black History Month also underscores our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity.

This year, the Learn More committee hosted various events at our Dallas campus designed to educate, inspire and engage employees throughout February.

The committee kicked off the month with a display of Who Am I? storyboards in the CoreLogic lobby. The boards featured 10 historical and prominent African American figures throughout history, and team members were encouraged to test their knowledge. Employees were also encouraged to share their dreams and display them on the Dream Board.

At the end of the month, the CoreLogic Connect program hosted the first CoreLogic Black History Networking Mixer. The event began with a moment of silence as the group listened to our very own CoreLogic employee, Pinky Gatheright, sing the black national anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” 

Attendees were also encouraged to learn about the achievements and roles of notable African Americans by visiting each of our historians located throughout the room. In total, there were 35 historians who provided clues to help participants identify African Americans whom we celebrate for their achievements and contributions to American culture. No one was privy to the correct answers – so it truly was a game to help expand knowledge of African American history while facilitating networking. 

When each participant checked into the event, they received an entry card to record their answers at each historian station. Once the entry card was complete, it was placed in a box. The employees with the most correct answers were entered into a random drawing to win a commemorative t-shirt celebrating the event, or an incredible art piece. 

“The Black History Networking Mixer was a powerful event to get team members from all levels and departments together to network, as well as celebrate and honor the achievements and roles of African Americans throughout history,” said Lindsey LeBlanc the CoreLogic Dallas Learn More Pillar. “We are so excited to make this an annual February event at the Dallas campus!”

While Black History Month provides opportunities to celebrate diversity, they aren’t limited to events scheduled in February. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion in the CoreLogic community is holistic and ongoing. We’re continuously looking for ways to build a workforce comprised of a plethora of cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, generations, abilities and backgrounds. As we conclude Black History Month 2020, we hope we’ve given CoreLogic employees the chance to gain new perspectives that will further enrich our company throughout this year and beyond.