Dallas Campus Hosts the Festival of Lights

On November 16, the Dallas offices of CoreLogic put on their annual Diwali celebration of food, music, dancing and cultural appreciation. More than 1,200 employees celebrated the Hindu festival of lights symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. One of the most popular holidays in India, this five-day festival is celebrated with food, fireworks, family and fun.

The CoreLogic Diwali celebration was kickstarted by Senior Leader of Software Engineering Prasad Challa when he arrived at the Dallas campus. Prasad and a team of dedicated coworkers put on the first festival in 2015 for about 150 participants. Since then, it has become an annual tradition for a vastly increasing crowd of revelers. This year’s event was big enough to host every member of the Dallas campus.

The celebration started at 11 a.m. with a sumptuous banquet of more than 40 traditional Indian dishes and sweets. Once everyone had loaded up their plates, the cultural presentation began. Performances included singing, Bollywood-style dancing, a fashion show of traditional dress from a wide array of Indian regions, and a humorous skit portraying the value of the holiday. Afterwards, the floor was opened for dancing and socializing. Photographers were on-site to make sure everyone got a picture of themselves enjoying the party.

Each year’s festival is a culmination of hard work and support from employees throughout the company all coming together to create something special. The event is officially co-sponsored by CoreLogic Connects, with additional financial support from the executive leadership. Departments such as H.R. and the facilities staff pitched in to ensure that the party ran safely and smoothly. Individual contributions across the company included planning, decorating, cooking food, dressing up, donating money and performing onstage.

Through the efforts of CoreLogic and the employees of Dallas, everyone was able to celebrate the company’s diversity with a suitably grand occasion. We can all agree that this year’s Diwali festival was the best one yet!