Diving into the Aspire Communications Certification Program

CoreLogic is committed to a culture of learning and to inspire our employees to develop their talent whether they aspire to deepen their skillset in their current role or prepare to take on their next role.

Through Aspire, CoreLogic’s learning community, employees have access to a variety of best in class learning content from prestigious providers such as LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and the Center for Creative Leadership as well as live workshops hosted by our own leaders.

We also offer a CoreLogic Certification Program to offer employees an opportunity to get certified in up to four topic areas including communications, collaboration, delivering excellence and personal impact.

Aspire’s Communications Certification Program offers employees an opportunity to learn communication skills through virtual/classroom training, online learning and on the job application. Employees who complete the 12-credit hour program receive a certificate, a watermark for their email signature, and can display the certification on their resume and LinkedIn profile.

We spoke with Brandon Pool, Professional, Account Management, about his experience as the first person to complete the Communications Certification Program.Brandon Pool

Why did you decide to complete this certification?

I feel that in both our personal and professional lives, communication is one of the most valuable skills we can have. I wanted to make a greater impact during presentations and when in conversations with people. Because communication is a two-way street, I was also looking for ways to do a better job of making sure the people I interact with feel like they are being heard.

What was your biggest takeaway?

There is power in the pause. Listeners need us to pause so they can have time to hear, listen, think, process, assimilate and store what we are saying. Pausing shows people that we are confident in what we are communicating with them. Filling dead air with bridge words doesn’t have the same effect.

What advice would you give to your teammates about this certification?

Take the time to make yourself better. The time you spend on this program is going to save time in the long run by being a more effective communicator. Understanding how to convey a clear and concise message to a client/co-worker/friend/significant other can eliminate a lot of the guesswork and follow-up conversations.

Tell us about your overall experience in completing the certification.

The virtual instructor-led classes were comprehensive and well put together and I also enjoyed the self-paced learning. There is an incredibly wide variety of courses and instructors. Having the ability to knock out different modules at any point in my day made this simple to complete.

How has your knowledge or skills improved by taking this certification?

I used to be nervous when I had to make a presentation or speak to a group. Going through this certification has helped me realize that I’m not important. It’s the message that is important. I’m simply the less than perfect presenter of which information flows through. This process has given me a new confidence in myself not only when presenting or speaking to a group, but when having conversations with individuals as well.