Spotlight on a TPM

Monica Fannon is a Principal, Technical Product Management (TPM) at the CoreLogic Dallas office co-located with Pivotal Labs. Working side by side with business product owners, developers, UX designers and clients, she’s charged with delivering valuable and innovative software. In that role, her efforts include defining the MVP, product vision and roadmap, prioritizing the team’s backlog, writing and accepting user stories, shipping product releases, and maintaining the technical integrity of the work.

We sat down with Monica to ask her a few questions and get a glimpse into what it’s like as a TPM at CoreLogic.

Q: What have you worked on at CoreLogic?

A: My current product focus is the DigitalTax Platform™ Payment Decisions application that went live in October 2018. In working with a balanced team of developers, UI/UX designer and product owner, we are able to achieve the Lean Product best practices. My previous product initiative was the Property Tax Estimator that went live in 2016 and is utilized by many CoreLogic clients. In building both of these products, a strong partnership was built across multiple disciplines, cross-functional teams and external clients.

Q: Can you share some of your professional background?

A: My career spans over 15 years and across many industries including federal government (Department of Energy/NNSA), higher education, mortgage, marketing and advertising, corporate retail, and information services. My roles have been focused in technical product, project and program management.

Q: What attracted you to the opportunity at CoreLogic?

A: I wanted to be a part of a collaborative team that works together to provide the best products possible. CoreLogic is an industry leader providing innovative technology solutions, which felt like a perfect match to me.

Q: So far, what is your favorite thing about working at CoreLogic?

A: The opportunities presented to me in the TPM role have been invaluable. CoreLogic allows me to utilize my business and technology background while incorporating creativity to provide the best solution for a product. I really enjoy working in a collaborative environment with high-caliber talent. Together, we are able to deliver value through solutions to meet our organizational objectives.

Q: What inspires you?

A: I find the most inspiration in providing value through a quality product for an end user. By keeping empathy for the user in mind during the evolution of the product lifecycle, it helps me remember why the team is building the product.

Q: Other than technology, what skill would you like to master?

A: Throughout my career, I have focused on improving the craft of leadership. It has been crucial to understand that I can lead by example through servant and thought leadership for a team. There are always new things to learn and apply to my daily practices, and I plan to continue to educate others and incorporate them into my playbook.