Security and Compliance Solutions for Multiple Listing Enterprises


CoreLogic® is the leader in security and compliance solutions for multiple listing organizations. Protect the lifeblood of your members’ business by providing secure access to accurate listing data and your services.


How Can We Help You?

Choose one or bundle any of the security and compliance solutions for the subscribers of your multiple listing organization.

Real Estate Secure Sign-On (Clareity® SSO Dashboard)

The real estate industry login security challenge is unique and complicated. The Secure Sign-On allows your subscribers to log in once and easily access all their applications, eliminating the need for multiple logins and passwords. Dashboard will further enhance efficiency by improving workflow, maximizing product adoption among members, promoting your brand, pushing targeted member communications and publishing important content.

Completely redesigned for 2021, Secure Sign-On provides a modern and customized journey the moment users log in.


Real Estate Secure Access (SafeMLS®)

Today, people tend to share computers, other devices and passwords, but CoreLogic provides front-end security so only authorized users have access to your data and systems.

Real Estate Secure Access is a risk-management authentication suite that quietly runs in the background, providing instant visibility into access history, device usage, and forensic data about each account. It accurately identifies accounts at higher risk for sharing unauthorized access, provides data about how to protect your resources and revenue stream. Real Estate Secure Access also gives members top-service authentication.

Listing Data Checker

There are lots of ways to look up listings on the internet, and that means access to the best data has never been more important. Listing Data Checker automatically checks the accuracy of your data and enforces the correction of violations. It’s the most powerful and widely adopted system of its kind—and the best way to assure the quality of your listing data, your most valuable asset. Enhance your compliance process with the auto-detection of photo violations by adding


CoreLogic Data Marketplace (Trestle) and Property Data Defender (Trestle Defender)

Worried about system security? Or RESO standards? CoreLogic has you covered with these two offerings.

It doesn’t matter what multiple listing platform you use, CoreLogic Data Marketplace (Trestle) will ensure your data is RESO compliant without having to modify your existing database. In addition, CoreLogic Property Data Defender provides subscribers an additional layer of protection so only approved parties receive your organization’s listing data.

Advisory Services

CoreLogic’s Advisory Services team can help organizations understand their information security risks from both a business perspective and the more common technical perspective.

What Our Customers Say

“The rollout of the Real Estate Secure Sign-On Dashboard (Clareity SSO Dashboard) has been a lifesaver for us at West Penn. We now have a much cleaner way of not only accessing our suite of programs, but also addressing membership concerns. The addition of Real Estate Secure Access (SafeMLS) gives us the confidence to know our system is more secure, without having to have our agents police each other. Thanks to Chris and everyone on the team for a smooth transition.”
Barbara Kohl
Chief Operating Officer, West Penn MLS, Inc.
“I was a little apprehensive, but the process turned out to be a tremendous learning experience on how to better protect our data and help our members with their business. The CoreLogic team was so skilled and knowledgeable and passed that on to us. Our members are thrilled with the single sign-on for their most-used products and the dashboard makes it a simple process.”
Debbie McFayden
MLS Director, Longleaf Pine REALTORS®
“Protecting sensitive consumer information against unauthorized access is one of our most important responsibilities and, as our strategic partner, CoreLogic provides an easy-to-use and secure solution for our members and staff.”
Cathy Wagner
Director of MLS Services, Capital Area REALTORS®

Ready To Take Action on Multiple Listing Enterprise Solutions?

If you are a multiple listing organization and are interested in learning more about solutions from CoreLogic, please contact the sales team.