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CoreLogic Big Data and Analytics

We’ve been in the business of gathering, optimizing, analyzing, and delivering actionable data-derived capital markets insights for the past 50 years. By combining the data assets of many segment-leading real estate, mortgage, credit, rental, and MBS/ABS precursor companies, we became the first real estate-based big data company, and today we’re the biggest in the business. Our unmatched data repositories power analytics that are industry-standard resources for most major real estate, mortgage and mortgage-investment business sectors.

Loan Performance and Secondary Market Analytics

Our loan performance and secondary market analytics category includes Portfolio Analysis/Benchmarking, Securities/Whole Loan Valuation, Risk Analysis Datasets/Services, and Mortgage Risk Forecasting/Stress Testing. Individual solutions within each are well proven and capable of linking together seamlessly to address new challenges.

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Real Estate Analytics and Market Trends

When a capital market analytics challenge includes a significant pricing component – or depends on statistical projections of future portfolio or bond performance – we offer our home price index tools, CoreLogic HPI™ and CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indexes™, and our unique monthly geo-level (ZIP code, county, CBSA, national) statistics toolset, the Real Estate Analytics Suite – which aggregates public record, mortgage performance, valuation, MLS, and pricing data.

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Bank and bank holding company (BHC) stress tests – mandated by the Federal Reserve’s Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) program and the Dodd-Frank Act – rigorously assess financial institutions’ capital adequacy, including the development and maintenance of effective loss-estimation methodologies.

CoreLogic Advisory Services

Uniquely combining securities-trading-desk expertise with on-the-ground experience in mortgage origination and servicing, our Advisory Services teams bring true end-to-end expertise to your project. Having gained insight into your challenge, they work with you to identify key issues, help formulate strategies and implement workflow solutions.

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Whole Loan Trading

To make faster and more accurate buy/sell decisions, whole loan traders need the right information at the right time. That’s why we provide up-to-date credit, property valuation and property records data and analytics – such as past delinquencies, current AVM value, HOA status, delinquent taxes and tax liens, default and loss projections – to fine-tune your bids and avoid pitfalls like “silent seconds,” financially stressed borrowers, and delinquent HOA and tax liens.

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