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As a full-service data provider, we support the risk assessment needs of payday loan providersinstallment lenders, rental purchase companies and other consumer finance businesses serving consumers with less than perfect credit histories. CoreLogic® Teletrack™ also offers skip-tracing and risk assessment services for debt buyers and collectorscredit card companiesbanks and credit unions.

We have the data you need to mitigate risk and make smart lending decisions because we process more than 10 million inquiries, scores, decisions and updates every month.

Consumer Finance Products

Credit Risk Assessment

Better gauge applicant credit risk, then customize lending practices to meet consumer needs while maintaining risk tolerance.

  • Receive alerts when an applicant has previous inquiries, open or paid charge-offs or open loans
  • Use our positive loan data to evaluate applicants based on past repayment history, current loan balance and total number of open loans
  • Access loan performance data for additional information about a consumer's credit performance

In addition to detailed credit performance history, more than 100 credit variables are returned to help predict credit performance.

Collection Data


Compare your portfolio to our database. If new information is available, a client service representative will contact you to confirm that the information is new and complete.

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Uses sophisticated data matching techniques to identify and compare a debtor’s reported phone and address to your existing contact information. When new data becomes available, we forward this information to you.

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Collectibility Models

Complete your scoring model with CoreLogic Teletrack data. Teletrack is the nation’s premier nontraditional consumer credit bureau. Our data is gathered from businesses that do not report to traditional credit bureaus. Teletrack can help you increase recovery rates, improve efficiency, control cost and predict portfolio value.

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Portfolio Value

Complete your scoring model with CoreLogic Teletrack data. When your statistical modeling and portfolio pricing leverages the Teletrack data, you get critical insight to help you make better decisions. Teletrack is the nation’s largest nontraditional consumer credit bureau. Our data contains charge-offs and paid charge-offs, consumers with multiple subprime inquiries, bankruptcy and other fraud indicators gathered from businesses that do not report to traditional credit bureaus. We can help you increase recovery rates, improve efficiency, control cost and predict portfolio value.

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Teletrack’s BackHit service alerts you when a consumer that has previously charged-off with you applies for credit with another credit grantor. This alert provides you with information about the applicant and the merchant where the consumer applied for credit.


When you report a charge-off, Teletrack’s MergeHit service will return information of where the consumer has applied for credit within the last 45 days. Information returned includes key contact information for the applicant and the inquiring merchants. Merge Hit helps you with information you need to contact your “skip” accounts for payment.

Credit Scoring

Our scoring solutions bring consistency, control and speed to the approval process.

  • Successfully manage unbiased treatment of applicants
  • Increase approvals
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve client service

Also, improve management of your portfolio by measuring and forecasting the impact of adjusting select lending policies.

Supplemental Data

Bank Account Validation

Checking data is designed to provide feedback regarding the validity of the data submitted, and the existence of multiple accounts for the same consumer or multiple consumers using the same account.

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Fraud and Identity Verification

Obtain indicators of fraud related to nontraditional lending by validating Social Security information, accessing credit variables and reviewing fraud variables developed for subprime lenders.

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Bankruptcy and Other Proprietary Data

CoreLogic Teletrack creates a seamless and efficient vehicle for processing loan applications using a more vigorous risk evaluation. Screen high-risk borrowers with limited credit histories using bankruptcy and other proprietary data.

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Nontraditional Credit Reports and Scores

When you submit an inquiry, Teletrack goes to work:

  • Evaluates the type of applicant before applying specific predictive variables
  • Unites proprietary credit performance data from CoreLogic Teletrack – the industry’s largest single source of alternative credit performance data – along with traditional credit performance data and identity information
  • Leverages extensive datasets to identify and weigh the most predictive, relevant variables based on the type of applicant
  • Employs a three-digit score and reason codes, which are returned along with our Nontraditional Credit Report and summary attributes

Traditional Credit Reports and Scores

We unite traditional credit and scores data with our own credit performance information to help you:

    • Reduce exposure to high-risk accounts and maximize profitability
    • Increase speed by using less data for better decisions
    • Increase efficiency by quickly handling approvals/declines
    • Increase consistency across the organization
    • Increase approval rates

Four standard types of information are available:

      • Identifying information (SSN, names and aliases, known addresses)
      • Credit history
      • Public records
      • Inquiries