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As a leading provider of real estate-driven information covering more than 99 percent of U.S. properties, CoreLogic serves government, government-related organizations and industry by enabling insights that drive more enlightened policymaking and informed business decisions.

From housing forecasts and benchmarking studies to fraud detection analysis, our data is unmatched for its scientific rigor and accuracy. Use it to uncover risks, predict performance and gauge trends. The CoreLogic team offers its unique blend of academic and real world credentials to deliver analytics that synthesize data in a meaningful way.

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For an expanded understanding of the real estate property market, leverage the nationwide data, focused analytics and insights at CoreLogic. With 3.3 billion records and 880 million transactions across mortgage, property and consumer data, CoreLogic is equipped to deliver superior intelligence unlike any other data provider. We help cut through the confusion and facilitate transparency throughout the review and assessment process.

Assess residential and commercial property health at the state level using data, analytics and services provided by CoreLogic. Our database inventories consist of over 147 million parcel records that contain collected information inclusive of spatial and flood data, real estate transactions, licensing and tax information. With our leading technology and process tools, data types are cross-referenced to facilitate critical review and assessment – resulting in greater insights and understanding.

For a greater understanding of the real estate market within municipal boundaries, CoreLogic provides local level property data, analytics, and services. From county records and housing statistics to projected revenues and budget forecasting, we produce the industry-leading technology and process tools to assist with critical data review and assessment.

CoreLogic provides the information that helps its mortgage and financial services clients manage the risk in their mortgage portfolios and real estate holdings. Leverage our full spectrum of data assets, resources and expertise to achieve the highest levels of integrated market analysis.

Influencing awareness and action often demands insights supported by rigorous data analysis. As one of the nation’s leading providers of mortgage, real estate and consumer information, CoreLogic is uniquely qualified to aid in the research that helps define your policy position and recommendations.