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Powering Rental Insights, Propelling Leasing Decisions

Single and multifamily housing property operators turn to CoreLogic® Rental Property Solutions to improve fee income, reduce bad debt and mitigate risk through resident screening and renters insurance solutions.

Meanwhile, community and home owners associations turn to Jenark™, our property management and accounting solution that has stood the test of time.

2019 Renter Applicant Risk Report

According to new CoreLogic data, renters may be less risky than before and more likely to fulfill the terms of lease. Discover more rental applicant insights and trends in this new Rental Applicant Report.

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Resident Screening

Our resident screening data can include insight from our proprietary records along with an applicant's eviction records, address history, criminal records, identity fraud and credit data. Data are gathered using a network of professionals across the nation.

The key to a comprehensive evaluation of risk is a thorough evaluation of the resident, property and portfolio. Unlike rules or judgment-based tools or methodologies, our statistically validated scoring model and analytical tools give single and multifamily housing property operators a forward-looking view of many key risk factors.

With an emphasis on the likelihood of residents paying on time and honoring their lease obligations, our solution set includes:

Criminal Screening

Every resident affects the quality and safety of your community. Our resident background check searches criminal records across the country to help property operators determine if an applicant has a background containing violence, property destruction, sex offense or financial crime.

Property operators can review felony, misdemeanor, and sex offender records associated with a potential applicant in order to make an informed decision about potential renters and manage the tenant risk to your investment

Guest Screening

Vacations are supposed to be a breeze, but for short-term and vacation rental owners, it’s wise to conduct guest screenings before you agree to let anyone stay in your home. This diligent yet quick preventative measure can not only help you find the right guests, but can also help you keep your rental property and your neighborhood safe. Our guest background search accesses criminal records across the country to help you determine if a potential guest has a background containing violence, property destruction, sex offense or financial crime.

Online Leasing Solution

Leasing Manager from CoreLogic is a cloud-based, online leasing workflow solution for single and multifamily housing property operators. As the gateway to best-of-breed point solutions, Leasing Manager redefines the applicant lifecycle from application through to lease execution without intervention from leasing professionals. Leasing Manager is available either integrated with popular property management software or on a standalone basis. It is highly configurable and customizable down to the property level.

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Lease and Documents

Say goodbye to endless paperwork and data entry while arranging in-person lease signings. It’s time to automate, streamline and organize the leasing document process – with Registry FormsPLUS™. Using Registry FormsPlus, your leasing staff will save considerable time on data entry while reducing errors associated with manual entry.

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Renters Insurance

We offer four unique renters insurance programs designed specifically for the property operator—this provides the flexibility to select the best program for each community. Our Renters Insurance services are designed to increase resident participation, which can lower your repair cost, save time and improve profitability.

Online Payments

Online Payments

CoreLogic Payments, powered by RentTrack®, is an online rent payment solution that helps attract quality renters. This mobile-friendly payment platform automatically posts all payments to your company’s accounting software and provides you next-day funding of rent while simultaneously reporting to not just one, but all three major credit agencies.

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Automated Notifications

We understand that improving operational efficiencies with a comprehensive, automated adverse action letter process can result in improved compliance and increased efficiencies – a win for property management companies. And, providing timely and secure adverse action notification to applicants can be a win for renters.

Our Automated Adverse Action Letter is key for those property owners who want to simplify the process of meeting federal requirements for notifying prospective renters on adverse decisions regarding their applications.

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Fraud Prevention

Lease application identity fraud comes in many shapes and sizes, but one thing is certain—it’s increasing rapidly. Many apartment property managers have been hit by some form of identity-related fraud, which may result in thousands of dollars in losses from renters using fraudulent identities or otherwise misrepresenting their intentions. Choose the highest quality applicants from your traffic pool by screening, learning the types of fraud and how to protect against it.

Jenark™ Property Management Software

Jenark™ property management software drives operational efficiencies to meet the needs of any property management company. Our software solution delivers the performance and functionality that enables management companies and communities to maximize customer service, efficiency, productivity and revenue.

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