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Dynamic Valuations – The Meaning Behind the Numbers 

By following market trends and comparing opinions of value, appraisers and assessors can identify new opportunities for growth in their industry. 

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Earthquake Risk: A San Diego Perspective

The California Earthquake Authority and CoreLogic experts team up to discuss risk in California, seismic retrofitting and more.

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Assessing Property Crime Claim Risk in the age of Covid-19

All property crime risk data are not equal. A geographic-centric method of calculating crime risk can better predict the probability of property-specific claims, and is also key to unlocking overall insurance risk and loss.

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Before the Storm: Predicting Hail Claims and Losses

Innovative new data on claiming patterns combined with the best meteorological science can identify hail claim frequency and losses at the block level.

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Riding Out the Storm: Weather, AI and Insurance

Big losses from 2020 are not an aberration, but part of a trend. These losses are a business uncertainty and challenge that can be addressed.

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Finding Opportunities in Insuring Flood

Before wading into the business of insuring flood, insurers need to understand what tools can help them granularly identify flood risk.

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Hurricane Laura: The Story Unfolds

The team converges to discuss the risk, storm, loss, and response from Hurricane Laura the day after landfall.

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Using Big Data to Predict Non-Weather WaterRisk™

Non-weather water claims are among the most common type of property insurance claims —both in personal and commercial lines.

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Part One: The Risky Business of Insuring Roofs

CoreLogic scientist and hazard experts demonstrate how to get more granular with roof risk in underwriting and renewals.

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FireRisk™: A Case Study for Predicting Fire Frequency to Mitigate Claims Loss

Catastrophic wildfires make national headlines, but over three-quarters of structure fires are caused by a diversity of non-weather risks.

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Part Two: Solving the Risky Business of Roofs for Claims Professionals

CoreLogic professionals identify major challenges facing claims professionals and the tools available to help insurers and adjustors tackle these issues head on.

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