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2020 Wildfires

It can be argued that there is no real wildfire “season” anymore and that wildfires are occurring throughout the year in at least parts of the western U.S.

Today, late year wildfires broke out in Southern California, with the Bond Fire in Orange county expanding from the 3,500 acres initially reported this morning. Other fires in Riverside county have resulted in evacuations, with Red Flag warnings in effect for areas in and around Los Angeles. Southern California received above normal rainfall last year followed by a very hot summer, so there is potential for more fuel to burn than normal right now.

The primary concern for late season fires in southern California are the Santa Ana winds that amplify the fires and cause issues with increased embers. They also hinder efforts to fly aircraft for suppression. Wind gusts earlier today were measured at more than 60 miles per hour, which will make responding to these fires more difficult and more dangerous for the firefighters. These high wind-driven fires can be very dangerous to nearby residents since they can move quickly and overrun residential areas. Evacuation orders should be heeded.

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