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Q3 2021 Quarterly Mortgage Fraud Brief

The CoreLogic Quarterly Mortgage Fraud Brief analyzes the metro areas with the highest mortgage fraud risk on a quarterly basis and offers insights based on the analysis of trends found in residential mortgage loan applications processed by LoanSafe Fraud Manager.

Read the report to learn about:

  • Factors causing increases in fraud risk

    A slight uptick in lower-risk refinance transactions led to a small decline in fraud risk quarter-over-quarter, however fraud risk is still up year-over-year.

  • Metros where fraud risk is the highest

    We highlight the top 15 riskiest metro areas for mortgage fraud. Out of the 15 on the list, California and Florida metros each take up four spots. Nine of the 15 riskiest metros saw fraud risk decrease compared to last quarter.

  • Types of fraud causing the most concern

    There are several different types of fraud that can impact a mortgage. From occupancy fraud, employment and income fraud to property fraud, external factors can drive what types are fraud are more prevalent than others. Our latest fraud brief highlights key industry trends that are driving specific types of fraud, so you can be aware of what to watch out for.

Get more in-depth insights in the Quarterly Mortgage Fraud Brief and see how you can better protect your business from the growing risk of mortgage fraud.

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