Storm Season has Arrived in the Southern U.S.

Just one week after the region’s most recent bout with severe weather, Thursday, March 25, is expected to deliver yet another outbreak of dangerous storms across much of the mid-South and Gulf Coast regions of the United States.

A dangerous combination of seasonably strong convective instability and robust wind shear will result in a high-end environment for vigorous thunderstorm development by mid-day, generally beginning over portions of the middle to lower Mississippi River Delta. These storms will move northeastward with time, and will eventually pose a significant threat to interests in the middle and lower Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys, and may spread as far east as the southern Appalachians by late evening. The area of greatest concern spans across most of Mississippi into the northern half of Alabama. Significant (EF-2+), long-tracked tornadoes, and hail exceeding 2” in diameter will be the primary hazards, along with damaging straight-line wind gusts and localized flash flooding.

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