Three Things to Know About Hurricane Pamela

October 15, 2021 | 3:11 pm CT

Hurricane Pamela made landfall along Mexico’s Pacific Coast early the morning of October 14, 2021

  • With estimated sustained winds of 75 mph, Pamela was a category 1 hurricane at landfall.
  • Landfall was approximately 40 miles north of resort city Mazatlán, and 80 miles south of Culiacán Rosales (capital city of Sinaloa state). Winds in these cities was not expected to reach hurricane force.
  • The landfall area was lightly populated with structures that have relatively low resilience to hurricane force winds. Even so, insured damages will likely be minimal even though the personal impact to those communities will be high.
  • Heavy rains associated with Pamela are expected to continue to move into the Mexican States of Sinaloa and western Durango today. This will pose a threat of significant and life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides.

As Pamela dissipates, it is expected to bring rainfall through Mexico and into the Central U.S.

  • The remnants of Pamela are expected to bring heavy rainfall across portions of central Texas and southeastern Oklahoma through Thursday, October 21.
  • These rains may contribute to considerable flash and urban flooding impacts.

Hurricane landfalls along this stretch of Pacific coast are infrequent.

  • Hurricane Lane (2006) made landfall along this stretch of coast. Hurricanes Henrette (2007) and Norbert (2008) made landfalls well north of Pamela’s landfall.

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