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Wildfire Report – September 2020

Understand Risk in a Devastating Year

The 2020 wildfire season has already been destructive. As of September 30, over 7 million acres have burned, and as the U.S. population increases and residential development extends farther from metro areas, more homes and businesses will face the threat of wildfires.

In the annual CoreLogic Wildfire Risk Report, expect to learn:

  • What makes a wildfire different from a house fire – and how this affects our understanding of risk
  • The breakdown of the risk facing the United States split by low, medium, high and extreme levels
  • Which metro areas have the greatest loss potential across both single-family residences and multifamily residences
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged insurers, homeowners and first responders – and how this could hamper an already lengthy recovery process
  • And the importance of communities working together to mitigate risk

No one can predict what the future may bring, but with the knowledge of risk, tools to combat challenges ahead and grit to work together, communities can pave a path towards a safer tomorrow.

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