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Evaluate Default Servicing Processes to Identify Compliance Gaps

Heightened regulatory scrutiny combined with heavy default volumes make for a volatile cocktail—data errors, loan file rework and the potential for time-consuming and costly audits. Mitigate these risks by utilizing Audit QC Outsourcing by CoreLogic.

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Audit & QC Outsourcing teams are well versed in the evolving landscape of compliance and can assess your default servicing processes to identify areas for improvement. High on the list of advantages are workflow scalability and rapid deployment.

Audit and QC Outsourcing Also Allows You to:

  • Identify and augment gaps
  • Increase your review sample sizes in areas of concern
  • Comply with ongoing regulations and audit requirements
  • Improve asset management and disposition
  • Shift resources strategically

With regulatory scrutiny coming from multiple governmental agencies, it is critical to implement a quality control audit to ensure your organization is prepared.

Servicing oversight – a must-have in today's regulatory landscape.