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A Streamlined Appraisal Review Solution

CoreLogic provides the cornerstone software solution to manage your automated appraisal review process.

  • Consistent quality-control process loved by compliance personnel, investors, and auditors
  • Interactive, dynamic and highly configurable checklist, specifically designed for your appraisal review process
  • Higher-quality appraisals with faster reviews lowers your risk of collateral-based buybacks

Automate Complex Data Verification Processes

Lenders and appraisal management companies often struggle with inefficient workflow management. The manual workload of appraisal reviews takes a significant amount of time, which limits the number of appraisals a lender can review in any given day – ultimately pushing closing dates further out.
With automated review solutions supported by a robust collateral database, CoreLogic provides an innovative, risk-based review engine that results in a comprehensive review of each appraisal.
The solution is focused on providing an efficient, streamlined process to manage appraisal reviews and to add quality control to the process with the least amount of friction possible.

Customize the Quality Control Process

Here’s how the automatic appraisal review process works:

  • Your rules run on the appraiser's desktop before delivery, reducing revision requests.
  • Each appraisal is analyzed using your custom rules, flagging issues intelligently.
  • Your QC team uses the intuitive checklist to ensure a pristine final appraisal.